Celebrate Cool Careers With 2021 World Refrigeration Day

The third annual World Refrigeration Day is giving skilled trade workers something "cool" to celebrate on June 26. First established in 2019, World Refrigeration Day acknowledges the positive global contributions of the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump sector. With partners encompassing Yellow Jacket, Derbyshire Refrigeration, Carrier, and LG Global, 2021 World Refrigeration Day strives to make a sustainable impact.

Where the 2019 World Refrigeration Day theme focused on diversity among technology, people, and innovative solutions across the trade, 2020 homed in on the importance of refrigeration to sustain life. This year, World Refrigeration Day is hoping to connect with emerging technicians on a global, sustainable scale. Keep reading to learn more about the 2021 theme and how this new holiday can impact the future of the industry.

What Is World Refrigeration Day and Why Do We Celebrate?

More than 15 million individuals are currently employed in the refrigeration sector worldwide. These individuals are at the helm of the 5 billion refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump systems in operation globally. World Refrigeration Day is an opportunity to celebrate these essential workers and the systems they keep running. Without the installation and maintenance these professionals execute daily, countless verticals—including pharmaceuticals, food production, and worker productivity—would be left in jeopardy.

2021 World Refrigeration Day Theme: Cooling Champions

The theme of 2021 World Refrigeration Day is "Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World." From technology to employees, 2021 World Refrigeration Day celebrates eco-friendly refrigeration solutions. This campaign aims to inspire the next generation of talent to advance cooling technologies that meet international sustainability requirements.

Refrigeration professionals design, build, maintain, and regulate a wide array of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump systems. As the industry seeks more modernized solutions, a top priority for the 2021 World Refrigeration Day campaign is to gather new talent to lead sustainable initiatives. Together, the next generation of "cooling champions" can advance the sector while meeting sustainability requirements of international climate and ozone protection accords.

How World Refrigeration Day Sets Up the Future of the Industry

When dealing with refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump technology, you must remain cognizant of current practices and how they positively or negatively affect the environment. As each year passes, new environmental and industry challenges arise, prompting continuously evolving solutions. World Refrigeration Day brings attention to the current standing of the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump sector, as well as the actions taken to combat industry concerns. 
World Refrigeration Day pays respect to not only the constant advancements of the industry, but also the people who make this growth possible. By drawing attention to both current and future concerns surrounding the industry, refrigeration professionals can better educate and prepare for what’s ahead—and benefit the planet in the process.

How Can World Refrigeration Day Better the Planet?

Since the first declaration of World Refrigeration Day in 2019, the annual campaign has partnered with the UN Environment Programme’s OzonAction initiative to raise global awareness. OzonAction is a leader in the battle to eliminate the use of ozone-depleting and high-risk global warming substances through the promotion of emerging technology in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. Partnering with associations across the trade, OzonAction helps certify local technicians, create environmental standards/codes, and promote the use of eco-friendly technology. 

Celebrate Cool Careers This World Refrigeration Day

From refrigeration to heat pump professionals, Proudly Essential Pros powered by MORSCO HVAC Supply, understands the importance of this industry and its role in daily life. Whether you're an industry veteran or just entering trade school, World Refrigeration Day is the perfect time to recognize the ongoing work of this sector and learn something new. With environmental and sustainability challenges mounting, 2021 World Refrigeration Day can inspire new solutions.