PVF / Mechanical Solutions

Contractors might find on the job they need specialty pipes, a custom fit or a valve. Morrison Supply Company specializes in servicing the mechanical and plumbing contractor. In addition to our vast selection of quality PVF products we have the ability to cut, thread and groove pipe to meet your needs. Our experienced associates provide exceptional customer service and on time deliveries. Morrison’s expansive inventory means you can order all of your PVF needs from one place.

Contact PVF Business Manager, Erik Olson for more details.

Product Specialists

Morrison has an Aquatherm Product Specialist on staff to assist you with your piping needs. Aquatherm is a safer, reliable and sustainable piping system compared to traditional piping such as copper, carbon steel or CPVC.

Advantages over traditional piping materials:

  • Material handling is significantly less due the lack of weight
  • No heavy equipment, rigging or skates needed to move Aquatherm pipe
  • The turn-around time to complete the installation is greatly reduced vs steel pipe (Intense labor savings)
  • Pre-Fabrication service, which in turn, also reduces labor costs
  • The issue of pipe degradation and corrosion are eliminated with Aquatherm
  • Allows contractors to offer a safe, leak free solution to the building owner or principal
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • No open flame required in the building and no flame permit

Additional Benefits:

  • No leak path
  • No leaks at pressure test & start up
  • Best installed cost
  • Consistent market pricing
  • Longer lasting
  • Eliminates consumables
  • Safety advantages
  • Labor savings
  • Improved project margins