World Toilet Day 2021 Shows Toilets Are Key to Human Health


Bring Awareness Through Your Own Marketing

As your customers probably know, toilets safely send away waste so that it can be processed and used in the environment. You can also remind them that this has a role in supporting safe, sanitary drinking water. Highlight these truths in marketing materials and on social media channels when you bring up World Toilet Day.

You can also explain why the day exists or start a conversation by asking customers online a question like, "What is World Toilet Day?" Offer a free home plumbing inspection for the best answer. Go ahead and be the facilitator of the World Toilet Day conversation in your area, and you may be surprised at the positive response you receive as customers learn more about it.

Share Important World Toilet Day Facts and Talking Points

Share information about the impact on human health that not having access to a toilet has. Yes, some of the facts aren’t very appealing, but they bring to light how connected we all are when it comes to human health. Consider some of these insights:
  • Each day, 1,000 children die from contaminated water sources. Toilets prevent these unfortunate outcomes.
  • In some cultures, because of a lack of access to a toilet, girls need to stay away from school while menstruating. And if there are no toilets at work, some women can’t work either.
  • Sanitation and the use of toilets are critical for minimizing the spread of diseases like cholera and intestinal worms. The practice of open defecation in other countries promotes disease spread. As COVID-19 has taught us, diseases can travel very quickly without proper sanitation.
  • Toilets require sanitation systems; therefore, they are also responsible for the creation of more than 122,000 jobs in the U.S. alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Partner With Your Customers

World Toilet Day is also an opportunity to partner with customers. You can spend the month of November building awareness about the day’s importance and how it relates to public health and safety. You can also go a step further.

The WHO and U.N. are working with governments around the globe to ensure the entire world population has access to toilets by 2030. As a contractor, you can do your part by matching customer donations to support this cause. Or you can donate a portion of plumbing-related work performed during the month of November to causes, and of course, remember to let your customers know about it.

Embrace Your Essential Role

Proudly Essential Pros, powered by MORSCO, recognize and applaud the role plumbing professionals play in supporting public health and bringing safe living standards to everyone. As a Proudly Essential Pro, embrace your opportunity to educate others, and let everyone know they too have a role in keeping sanitation standards high.

Share this infographic with your customers today!